Can Metaverse redefine our work environment?

Due to the great interest and importance of Metaverse, Industrial Metaverse, Industrial Metaverse for Sales, etc., Rightsourcing continues its series of articles to create a deeper understanding of the topic. What does the metaverse really mean with all its facets? Is it just the next buzzword? Does it affect our lives? How is it affecting our lives? Will it change our work? What must companies do? What is the best way to deal with this?

<Continuing unraveling the Metaverse series, we explore whether the Metaverse can actually transform the way we work and whether it has the potential to create new possibilities. >

– A contribution by Suchi Shinde & Prof. Dr. Markus Hesse, April 2023

Figure 1: Showroom for interactive Product presentations in the Metaverse

The concept of the metaverse has garnered a lot of attention in recent years and is being referred to by some as the future of the Internet, or Web 3.0. But what exactly is the metaverse, and how might it change the way we work? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into whether the metaverse can transform our work. To do this, we first take a look at possible use cases that could be useful for companies. We then look at their potential implementation in different approaches and then interpret whether this implementation represents a real opportunity to change the way most users work.

Which of the following activities can you imagine doing in the Metaverse?

Beschreibung: Das Metaverse ist besonders für Online-Handel interessant. Rund 41 Prozent der Befragten können sich besonders die Präsentation von Produkten im Metaverses vorstellen. Ein Drittel der Befragten kann sich vorstellen, im Metaverse Produkte auszuprobieren. Hinweis(e): Deutschland; KW 22 2022; 143 Personen, die das Metaverse kennen. Quelle(n): IfH Köln

Figure 2: Survey on interest in application areas in the Metaverse in Germany 2022

Metaverse denotes a virtual world consisting of a combination of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and X-technologies. These technologies have many fields of application and will probably play an important role in the business world in the future. In B2C, companies can use the metaverse (Figure 2) to present their products in new and innovative ways. For example, customers can try on clothes virtually or get a realistic picture of a piece of furniture in their own living room.

Shopping is also being revolutionized by the Metaverse. Customers can shop in virtual stores and view and try products in real time without leaving their homes. Sellers can help their customers make decisions by guiding them through the virtual world and giving them advice.

Which activities in the Metaverse could be interesting for your company?

Beschreibung: Jeweils 44 Prozent der Befragte gaben an, dass sie das Metaversum besonders als Chance für Zusammenarbeit bei virtuellen Meetings, virtuelle Unternehmensrepräsentanz und Mitarbeiterschulungen sehen. Insgesamt 40 Prozent der Befragten gaben dagegen an, kein Interesse am Metaversum haben. Hinweis(e): Deutschland; KW 16 bis KW 20 2022; 604 Geschäftsführer:innen und Vorstände von Unternehmen mit mehr als 20 Mitarbeiter:innen. Quelle(n): Bitkom

Figure 3: Survey on possible activities in the metaverse for companies in Germany 2022

In the B2B space, companies can use Metaverse (Figure 3) to hold virtual meetings and training sessions. It also provides a great way for businesses to showcase and sell their products and services. Employees can meet in the Metaverse to conduct team-building events or to work on service delivery.

Metaverse can also be used in the hiring process, with companies conducting virtual job interviews or guiding applicants through their virtual world to demonstrate their skills and how they work.

Finally, companies can also use Metaverse to conduct marketing campaigns. They can hold virtual events to showcase their products and services or to attract potential customers and introduce them to the world of their business.

Use Cases – Virtual company web presence, product presentations, and sale of products and services in the Metaverse

Let’s take a detailed look at the Uses Cases for Virtual company web presence, Product Presentations, and Sale of Products and Services in the Metaverse.

One of the most important applications of Metaverse for companies is the creation of virtual company presences. Nowadays, every company has a web presence (in the form of a website), but most of them are hierarchically structured and only serve to provide information. However, the provision of information must be process-oriented to ensure a pleasant customer experience. A completely virtual world in which the prospect is provided with the desired information at the right time using appropriate media could be very helpful.

Another use case for Metaverse is product presentation and the sale of products and services. In a virtual world, products and services can be presented as close to reality as possible. For example, the prospective customer can view a machine or a car in 3D and try out the functions virtually. This offers customers a unique experience and can help influence purchasing decisions (Figure 1).

An important aspect of using Metaverse is that there is an adaptation period. It can be difficult to navigate and find information in a new virtual environment. An intermediate step called a “virtual tour” can be helpful in this regard. The prospect is provided with the necessary information in a limited virtual environment and can access the support of a sales organization standing by at any time.

Overall, Metaverse offers companies many new ways to define their work environment and serve their customers. It opens up a world of new business opportunities and can help improve the customer experience. However, implementing such concepts requires close collaboration between marketing and sales organizations and the use of advanced technologies.

In the future, the collaboration between sales and marketing organizations will likely look different than it has in the past. Customers will likely increasingly want an interactive experience with companies that can also take place in the virtual world. Metaverse can help deliver this experience while revolutionizing the way companies work.

The metaverse has the potential to impact everything from employee engagement to the customer experience, Omnichannel sales and marketing, product innovation, and community building.

Companies already leveraging the metaverse may build lasting competitive advantages /1/

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Stay tuned in…In our next article in this series, we will address the question What is the connection between Gaming, Metaverse, and work?



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