Organizational Culture

Get to know your organization culture on key dimensions and the implications for your business.

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Your organizational culture model will be measured along 6 key autonomous dimensions:
D1- Means-oriented vs goal-oriented – the extent to which goals (the ‘what’) or the means (the ‘how) of conducting work tasks are prioritized. This may affect attitudes to taking risks or contributing discretionary effort
D2- Internally driven vs externally driven – externally driven cultures will be more pragmatic, focusing primarily on meeting the customer’s requirements, while internally driven cultures may exhibit stronger values
D3- Easygoing vs strict – stricter cultures run on a high level of discipline and control, while easygoing cultures tend towards more improvisation
D4 -Local vs professional – the extent to which people identify with their immediate colleagues and conform to the norms of this environment, or associate themselves with a wider group of people and practices based on their role
D5- Open system vs closed system – the extent to which newcomers are accepted and the differences they bring are welcomed
D6 – Employee-oriented vs work-oriented – the extent to which the employee’s well-being is prioritized at the expense of the task, or vice versa.

At first, this will help you understand whether your organization lies in the functional or dysfunctional area for the dimensions. Includes discussions on what are the implications for your organization and possible next steps.

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