Consulting Approach

There are an infinite number of consulting firms in different industries and in different roles. It is difficult for companies to keep track of things and to judge the quality of the service. The reasons why a company seeks external support (Briggs, 2010, Management Consulting) can be traced back to 4 basic causes:

  • Missing or not fire-relevant know-how

  • Independent external view

  • Missing or cheaper resources

  • Validation and reinsurance


Our consulting approach focuses on providing know-how that our customers do not have or do not need permanently for their current business situation. In addition, we want to provide our customers with a neutral external view based on over 20 years of management experience. We provide this service very specifically for selected industries and customers.


Many competitors in the market position themselves comparable. Nevertheless, Rightsourcing’s consulting approach differs significantly from other management consultancies.

Rightsourcing has focused on advising small and medium-sized companies or business units. It has been shown in the last 2-3 decades that even such companies can no longer be managed successfully according to the “player-trainer method”. The products and services required (to survive successfully on the market) are too complex, product cycles are too short, customers too demanding and the world too global.

Rightsourcing is therefore transforming the methodology, the use of software and the implementation in a special way in order to make them useful for the target group mentioned without losing sight of the big picture. The big picture is just as important as the transformation itself, as our customers often want to sell their services to larger companies or OEMs. Sustainable competitive advantages can only be generated if you generate added value in the value chain of your customers. Understanding and taking into account the Bic Pictures are therefore essential.

The question now arises as to how the transformation works and where Rightsourcing got the expertise and resources from.

The transformation includes 2 essential components:

  • Understanding the big picture

  • The transformation for the named target group

Understanding the big picture is based on 20+ years of management experience for large or DAX companies and research at the University of Economics and Research in Stuttgart. The transformation of the knowledge for the target group mentioned has taken place since 2015 in over 150 projects in connection with study and master’s theses, of which around 30% related to the transformation of methodology for small and medium-sized companies. The projects were carried out by students in groups or individually, always in cooperation with an industrial company, which ensures a high level of practical relevance.

Value Proposition

In summary, Rightsourcing’s consulting approach is unique because:

  • Rightsourcing does not employ self-appointed experts. We employ experts with appropriate training and industry experience. The know-how combined with the right methodology enables an extraordinary quality. All rightsourcing content, concepts and modules have a scientific basis and have shown that they work in specific situations. This gives you a high degree of certainty of success.

  • Rightsourcing conducts its own research in selected subject areas and uses scientifically collected primary or secondary data when developing concepts. This means you can be sure that the latest methods and processes are used in a project.

  • In its consulting projects, Rightsourcing uses industry-specific methodology and concepts that are specifically tailored to the roles of our customers. This means you can be sure that we will solve your problem exactly.

  • Rightsourcing has a completely digital business model. Long before the corona pandemic, we invested significantly in the expansion of our digital infrastructure and productive our services. Some of our consultants already have over 1000 hours of consulting expertise via virtual channels. This means you can be sure that the projects will be carried out efficiently and with high quality.

  • Rightsourcing not only develops high-quality and transparently comprehensible concepts, but also helps our customers in the early phase of implementation. We also offer numerous online services for specific operational situations of our customers. This ensures a quick project start.

  • Rightsourcing can be measured by the success of its advice through our shared risk / shared award models. This definitely means you won’t pay too much.

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