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Prof. Dr. Markus Hesse as a Keynote speaker at Industry.Forward Expo 2023

Industry forward expo 2023

In recent times, hardly any other term has been in the media spotlight as much as Metaverse. Nevertheless, there are still questions on how to define this term. What is the metaverse and which variants are there. Who needs Metaverse and why? How can Industrial Metaverse be implemented in the area of sales and marketing?

Under the motto “Technology, Change, Future – Smart Solutions for Industry” the Industry.forward EXPO 2023 takes place, which deals exactly with the questions above.

60 companies will meet digitally from 20-31.03.2023 to discuss forward-looking topics such as “digitalization” or “metaverse”.

On seven festival-stages – INDUSTRY FORWARD, NEXT TECHNOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS, PROCESS, ELECTRONICS, ENERGY and FACTORY – experts, thought leaders and specialists will present innovations and issues concerning the future of industry.

Our CEO, Prof. Dr. Markus Hesse, will be in the spotlight on one of these stages. He will be a keynote speaker on Wednesday 03/22/2013 from 15:30-16:00 on the topic „Metaverse – buzz word or the future for B2B?”.

Click here  to register for the Expo for free. (Hosted in German)

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