Mehr und besser qualifizierte Leads

Mit der Virtuellen Sales Maschine 7x24 Leads automatisch generieren

Valuable leads are the basis for every successful business – regardless of whether they are new or existing customers

Suitable for…

Manufacturing company, software/service company or distributors that address customers in the following industries:

  • automotive suppliers

  • Mechanical and plant engineering

  • chemical and pharmaceutical

  • Food


A business intelligence approach, in which we systematically and software-supported find out the customers and contacts that are relevant for you at the right time according to your specifications (online service). 

Alternatively, develop a concept for implementation in a project and implement it as a prototype for you.

Another variant is to enable your organization to implement this approach in your company itself.

SMART targeting

solution description

A customer persona profile will be developed together with you in an online session.
From this, a search profile is created for your individual ideal customer, which is then compared with the information from 1.3 million companies in the Federal Gazette, with millions of company websites, with social media data and with over 50,000 job advertisements.

The information found is analyzed and restricted according to defined patterns. In this way, not only potential target customers are identified, but also the appropriate trigger for an approach is taken into account.

The result is made available to you digitally in the form of reports for the agreed periods, which can be further processed in your CRM.

As part of a project, the process is implemented in your environment or we enable your employees to do it themselves.

Beschreibung der Produkte & Services

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Was unsere Kunden sagen

Smart Targeting Komfort Paket

“Super Service! Hilft mir, mich wirklich auf Sales zu konzentrieren. Bin super vorbereitet in die Kundengespräche reingegangen.”


Sales, 15 Jahre+ Software Vertriebserfahrung,
Software Product und Services Unternehmen

Smart Targeting Profi-Paket

“Mit dem Service werden kontinuierlich gut qualifizierte Leads generiert. Meine Sales haben einen inhaltlichen Anknüpfungspunkt und den richtigen Ansprechpartner.”

Vertriebsleiter, 25 Jahre Vertriebserfahrung,
Engineering Dienstleister

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