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Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is a set of shared assumptions that guide what happens in organizations by defining appropriate behaviors for various situations – Ravisi & Schutlz, 2006


Effective leadership requires an awareness of organizational culture. If leaders and managers understand their organization’s culture, they will be better able to implement strategy and achieve their objectives. Strategies that are incompatible with organizational culture will face resistance and will be more difficult to adopt, whereas those that are compatible will be easier to implement and more likely to succeed.

Suitable for …

Manufacturing companies, Engineering services companies, IT and Software companies. It is especially important to know your organizational culture in these situations:

  • Introducing Change – It is important to understand the existing culture of an organization when thinking of introducing changes.

  • Merger and Acquisitions – Every organization has its own unique culture that develops and evolves over time and M&A of two unique organizational cultures is always a challenge

  • If you are not satisfied by certain aspects of your business and you want to find out whether this is caused by the behavior and attitude of your colleagues, it’s a good idea to do an Organizational Culture scan.


Solutions Approach

The way things are done in an organization, the unwritten rules that impact individual and group behavior and attitudes, is referred to as organizational culture. The structure of the organization, the system and processes by which work is performed, employee behavior and attitudes, the organization’s values and traditions, and the management and leadership styles used are all factors that can influence organizational culture.

What many members of a group have in common and by which they distinguish themselves from other groups is called culture. At organizational level, we can define culture as the collective programming of the minds of group members by which one group distinguishes itself from other groups.

Organizational culture is “the way in which people in an organization relate to each other to their work and to the outside world, compared to other organizations.” (Geert Hofstede and Bob Waisfisz)

Rightsourcing has a modular approach for approaching this multifaceted issue. Organizational culture from a management perspective and employees perspective is measured based on an online digital tool.

In a detailed project, first the real current culture is measured, then there is a review with the perception of reality, there is a joint defining of the desired culture followed by a change program to implement the desired change.  Thus, each of our solution is customised to address your specific issue.



An organization’s culture is its personality and character. Shared values, beliefs, and assumptions about how people should behave and interact, how decisions should be made, and how work tasks should be carried out make up organizational culture. The history and surroundings of an organization, as well as the people that manage and work for it, are all important aspects of its culture.

Your organizational culture model will be measured along these 6 autonomous dimensions

D1- Means-oriented vs goal-oriented

D2- Internally driven vs externally driven  

D3- Easygoing vs strict   

D4 -Local vs professional  

D5- Open system vs closed system   

D6 – Employee-oriented vs work-oriented  

At first, this will help you understand whether your organization lies in the functional or dysfunctional area for that dimension.

Based on your goals, you can then decide if you want to align certain cultural aspects. Then together, we will define the desired location of the cultural dimension which in the final step needs to implemented via a change project.

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