Business Strategy Risk Management

Review an existing strategy

Set the course for the company's future with the right business strategy!

"The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do." - Michael E. Porter, US economist and founder of strategic management.

Suitable For...

SMEs in the Mechanical and Plant Engineering sector wishing to carry out 'Risk Minimisation' prior to strategy implementation.

Software companies that want to carry out 'Risk Mitigation' before strategy implementation.


Solution Approach

Analysis project in which our experts evaluate your already developed business strategy with regard to different dimensions and success criteria.


Evaluate Business Strategy

Solution Description

The project evaluates your existing business strategy with regard to different criteria and risks.

An analysis is carried out through digital interviews with various people in your company and an evaluation of existing documents. These are compared with the industry-specific and current changes in our database.

The next step is a risk assessment with regard to the quality and completeness of the opportunities, risks, strengths and weaknesses relevant to your business, as well as methodical comprehensibility of the derived strategy and portfolio risks. The opportunities and risks are assessed both at macro level and at industry segment level.

The strengths and weaknesses are assessed by comparison with market competitors. A data analytics solution is used for this purpose.

The results are documented in a comprehensive report that is discussed with you in detail. All reports and key documents are made available in our password-protected download section.


Description of the Products & Services

Here you can find out what our customers say about the solution.

What Our Customers Say

Business Strategy Design

"Amazing what a change of perspective brings for new insights. Project was super professional! Rightsourcing has very good market data. Glad to do it again!"

Managing director of a mechanical engineering company

Business Strategy Design

"This was the second project with Richtsourcing. You notice the software background of the consultant. Understood our situation extremely quickly."

Sales Manager, 25 years of sales experience,
Software company

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