Check your Sales Knowhow

The Rightsourcing analysis tool aims to identify individual training needs with regard to future necessary sales know-how in 7 dimensions.

Description of the Analysis Tool

The rightsourcing analysis tool "Check your Sales Know How" is a tool for sales professionals who want to get a neutral and individual assessment of the knowledge level of their sales know-how. The tool was developed based on hundreds of real data sets from sales experts.

The survey aims to identify training needs in 7 dimensions. Therefore, you will certainly not be able to answer all the questions. The survey is not intended to assess your current performance.



If you enter an email address, your broken down result will be sent to you automatically by email. The evaluation contains your achieved points grouped according to 7 topics. In addition, you will receive the score for your self-assessment for each topic.

Sales knowhow


The quiz consists of 21 content-related questions about your job at your company, 7 self-assessment questions about individual subject areas and 4 questions about your professional background.

The quiz can be taken anonymously or by providing an email address. If you provide a mail address, your itemised result will be sent to you automatically. If you prefer to take the quiz anonymously, please leave the field "Mail (Optional)" blank. In this case, the number of correct answers will be displayed on the screen at the end of the survey.

You can do the survey 1 time. The duration of the survey is approximately 30-45 minutes. After 60 minutes, the survey is closed automatically.

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In the interest of readability, we have refrained from using gender-related wording in the survey.

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