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Be present in the market, in a coordinated way, with a Multi and Omni Channel business - where your customers prefer to shop.

The right interaction of all sales channels to provide your customers with a consistent and positive experience of your services is essential. This requires understanding and correctly classifying the individual business models of your partners and your digital channels.

Suitable For...

Software or Service Companies.

Companies with existing multi or omni-channel distribution.

Companies that want to place the business model of selected partners/distributors in the context of their channel strategy.

Companies that address customers in the following industries:

  • Automotive Supplier.

  • Mechanical and Plant Engineering.

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical.

  • Food.


Solution Approach

A combination of:

  • Analysis and conception based on a comprehensive set of methods.

  • Digital primary data collection through structured interviews.

  • Support with the operational implementation.

  • Supplementary operative services.*


Essential building blocks of the solution approach are:

  • Evaluation of the business models of the partner companies with optional redesign with regard to value optimisation and resolution of channel conflicts.

  • GAP determination with regard to sales know-how with optional knowledge transfer.

  • Market Structure Analysis for selected (sub)/segments.

*Can also be used as a supplement after the implementation of the strategy.

Solution Description

The existing Go2Market strategy is analysed, revised, and redisigned on the basis of the partners' business model evaluation.

The analysis is done through structured interviews with various people at the selected partners. The design is implemented according to the design thinking method, where a micro cycle is completely run through its 8 stages. The redesign takes into account the market structure of a previously conducted analysis and avoids channel conflicts.

In parallel, a gap analysis is carried out with regard to the sales skills of the partner companies. In order to close the identified gaps and to transfer the know-how from the manufacturer to the partner companies, modules from our sales enablement area are used.

The aim here is to transfer knowledge to the employees of the partner company. Our best-selling modules in this context are Value Selling, Get more Feet on the Street, Successful Negotiation, Etc.

You could also opt for a Detailed Market Structure Analysis.


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Sales Manager, 25 years of sales experience,
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