Future Ready Omnichannel

The next normal for B2B Sales

Omnichannel: Everywhere, Every time

B2B Customers want an always-on, personalized, omnichannel experience. Omnichannel has changes Sales forever! With Omnichannel, be present where your customers prefer to shop. 


Today’ B2B Buyers (large organisaitons, SMEs or small) prefer Omnichannel. They want it all – buying face-to-face, via remote interactions and online. 

The new dimensions of omnichannel creates imbalances in the B2B Seller organisaiton. There are channel conflicts, pricing conflicts and companies are often not prepared to handel such shifts. The KPIs defined for sales and channel are not alligned, dont work correctly resulting in wrong decision making. 

Latest Trends 

Five years ago, being omnichannel meant offering four or five channels. Now B2B Buyers want and expect to engage seamlessly across ten or more channels.

Omnichannel is now a ten-channel world!

The reason for this trend is very clear. Companies (Sellers)  have realised they can increase their market share by offering more channels to connect on.  72 % of B2B companies that sell via seven or more channels grew their market share. (Mckinsey & Company Global B2B Pulse, Dec 2021, Global, n=3360).

94% of B2B Sellers find that Omnichannel is more effective than traditional sales model alone (December 2021 Mckinsey Research)





B2B Buyers want an equal mix of

  • Traditional (for example, in-person)
  • remote (for example, video conference or phone) and
  • self-service (for example, e-commerce) interactions

All B2B Buyers prefer omnichannel, no matter their industry, country, size, or customer relationship stage.


Solution Approach

Rightsourcing approach is to develop a future ready Omnichannel go-to-market strategy specific to the customer need . This is designed using a range of analytic modules.

Omnichannel trends implemented by most successful companies are analysed. The strategies applied for achieveing results and thier impact for the specific industry segment are evalauted. The strategies, functions and KPIs of marketing, sales and services are aligned to resolve channel conflicts. Based on this a  Future Ready Omnichannel go-to-market strategy is degined. Various best practices from other Rightsourcing expert areas like Virtual sales machine, Sales Enablement and Partner channel evaluation program are taken into account for alignment within the company.


Omnichannel 2022 and forward will encompass B2B decision makers using multiple channels (Omnichannel) across the purchasing  journey and within every buying stage of that journey.

To create a frictionless customer exeperience along the customer decision journey, Sales need to guide customers to the channels that (according to their intelligence) are most helpful to specific audiences (end user, techincal, purchase, IT…) and purchasing stages.

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